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John has a unique ability to think outside the box using his substantial business and accounting background, providing unique solutions to lead change management and cultural change.

Through significant financial difficulties, John provided leadership and assistance with solutions and decisions that saw the school move from a large deficit to become a profitable organisation.

John is one of the most honest and strongest people that I know. His leadership through both financial and integrity issues during his previous roles is testimony to this. His resolve to ensure that issues were resolved and that people were held to account has won him the respect and admiration of his peers.

Michael Evans
Former Chairperson, Bishop Tyrrell Anglican College

There could be no better person to work with when an entity seeks cultural reform, as John has ‘walked the walk’ in every way.

Whether the improvement required is small and incremental or major and immediate, John’s approach is one of encouragement and guidance, providing you with the appropriate advice, knowledge and tools to make the changes necessary to transform your organisation.

His mind is astute, he quickly diagnoses the issues which need attention, and he has the courage and willpower to drive change. He exercises real leadership in driving the restructure of people and resources.

He recognises when there is a need for further resources to be brought in for the good of the organisation and to bring about real and lasting cultural and structural reform.

I have seen first-hand how John worked in an entity (the church) which had major issues of child sexual abuse over decades. As CEO, he was largely responsible for leading major change from within. For this he was attacked in numerous ways, yet his character and integrity shone through, and he held firm to see reform come about. You will not find a person of greater integrity to help any organisation change for the good.

Peter Laurence OAM
Chief Executive Officer, Anglican Schools Commission

John solves many problems and challenges by overlaying process with strategy. He builds from the ground up, delivering good governance and processes with operations whilst working on and utilising the business strategy to move forward. Getting the building blocks correct then ensure the business can grow and is sustainable into the future.

I have seen spectacular results in growth and structural rigour in the organisations John has been a part of or adviser to. He has also worked on significant cultural challenges, with real positive outcomes.

Johns approach is almost “stealth” like. I have always been impressed by his ability to engage staff to embrace change and work with him, his personality is such that he is not confrontational, meaning better results long term and corporate stability. Where needed though John can – and will – lead from the front.

John acts with the utmost integrity, acts in the best interests of the client, and is incredibly professional in all his dealings.

Alison Perrott
Senior Adviser, Investments & Portfolio Strategy, Ord Minnett

Samantha was an outstanding performer in a new Human Resources Team tasked with the establishment of a newly formed organisation and culture. She is an energetic driver with a broad range of people management skills and experience.
Her work style is collaborative, and she excels in relationship building. She delivered successful outcomes when dealing with complex individuals and employee relations matters. This was supported by her active involvement when coordinating all HR Policies and Procedures on behalf of a medium to large organisation. She is equally comfortable dealing with hands-on operational as well as top-level strategic issues. This ability resulted in her earning the respect of individuals at all levels in the organisation.

Andre Lekas
Corporate Consultant (Formerly Group Manager at Allconnex Water)

Samantha is an absolute superstar. Samantha is a genuine talent who demonstrates an unrivalled passion, drive and commitment to both people and business.
She epitomises true business partnering and seamlessly fosters credible, lasting relationships that have both meaning and value. I cannot speak highly enough about Samantha; she is someone that I truly respect and admire. I have no hesitation in recommending Samantha for any opportunity in the future and would work with her again in a heartbeat.

Kylie Oliver
HR Manager, G.James (Formerly Group HR Manager at James Frizelle’s Automotive Group)

Sam is highly skilled, diligent and articulate, and brings an enormous amount of experience, expertise and energy to her clients. She is a natural coach and leader, and I cannot recommend her highly enough to anyone considering engaging her in their company.

Brad Anderson
YB2 Master Coach & National Director

Samantha is extremely adept at balancing corporate requirements with the needs of her client groups, their management teams and employees. She is an excellent project manager with the ability to think strategically and get things done.
Samantha is a very capable and effective global HR Manager. While working for me for over two years she effectively managed a global client group dispersed across 4 continents. I highly recommend Samantha for HR management positions.

Greg Fredericks
SVP HR, Chief Human Resources Officer, Datalogic (Formerly Global HR Director at FEI)

Sam is a natural coach who brings an enormous amount of skill and knowledge to the room. I cannot recommend Sam highly enough for anyone looking at one on one coaching or business coaching.

Sharon Justo
Senior Consultant, Beilby Recruitment

Samantha is by far one of the best people I have ever had the pleasure to work with. Her dedication, commitment, drive and hard work is never ending. She was part of my executive management team, contributing in many areas as we built and maintained a business together. Samantha would take any task that came her way and execute it to perfection. She epitomized the definition of pro-active, always finding things that needed to be done and dramatically improving the productivity and work enjoyment of those around her. I would hire Sam back in an instant if ever given the opportunity. She is absolutely exceptional and well suited for many roles.

Mike Smith
Sr Global Director, R&D, Software Application Development, Thermo Fisher Scientific (Formerly Global R&D Director at FEI)

John in an experienced Not For Profit Chief Executive Officer.

John managed an operating budget in excess of $7M and assets in excess of $27M. He also guided the Board through the sale of business process, including assisting with the preparation of an Information Memorandum, the due diligence process, media relations and complex staff negotiations.
John wrote and implemented numerous whole-of-sites policies, including a Related Party policy and a Whistle-blower policy and procedure.

Robert Geoghegan
Chairman, Maitland Benevolent Society Limited

It was great to see a leader that was so decisive and also with such a human touch for all staff.

I have learnt so much from you and have appreciated your advice and feedback. I was so grateful for your faith in me to do my job and the fact I didn’t need to be micromanaged.

You have really moved this place into the here and now.

Aged Care Manager, Maitland NSW

John takes the time to ensure he fully understands problems presented to him by asking questions and undertaking his own investigations and research. His thoroughness ensures he always achieves excellent results.

John supported me during difficult times by listening to my concerns and offering guidance and advice – giving me the support and backing to fulfil my role successfully. This support and advice gave me the confidence to make decisions and achieve positive results – in this role and in assignments since then.

John is an excellent listener – he allows others to speak first and listens with patience, empathy and understanding. His quiet, considered responses help to calm difficult situations.

Anita Fowler
Senior Finance Officer, Maitland Benevolent Society Ltd

John is a true professional. He is meticulous and thorough in his work, with a friendly, warm and open demeanour. He empowers those around him to be the best version of themselves within the workplace, providing mentoring and support to those who need it.

John dealt with multiple instances of complaints from staff and volunteers regarding a select few members of staff who were behaving in a bullying manner. I liked the way that John conducted the investigative process. He treated all parties concerned with respect and professionalism at all times during the process. He offered external and impartial support to both parties, should they require it, whilst maintaining confidentiality.

He ensured the process was thorough and brought it to a quick conclusion.

Aleisha Taylor
Director of Corporate Services, Maitland Benevolent Society Ltd

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