John is the driving force behind Virtus. He is a courageous and authentic leader, a mentor, and a deeply strategic thinker.


John doesn’t just talk about success. He’s lives and breathes it. As an elite strategist and mentor to business leaders, John pushes the limits of high performance for every project he touches.

Bank manager turned CEO, John brings to the team over 15 years of first-class executive experience. His reputation as a tour de force of leadership, courage and insight has been built on the back of success that includes:

  • growing and restructuring a development fund from a size of $7M to $100M
  • ensuring the financial stability of various large entities with a combined turnover of $70M
  • direct oversight of a $22M building project.
  • leadership of approximately 150 staff (including oversight of a multi-disciplinary executive team of 5 staff)
  • management of, and accountability for, numerous multi million dollar budgets and balance sheets
  • improved corporate governance
  • media and reputational management
  • head office and departmental relocations
  • complex negotiations regarding legal, financial, property, human resource and other organisational matters
  • company secretarial and compliance improvements
  • complex policy development and implementation

Harvard University educated, John has also served as Director and Chairman of numerous Boards, where he lent his expertise to solve the most pressing organisational challenges.

John has spoken out against institutional child sexual abuse (and was recognised for his courageous leadership in the Lake Macquarie City Council Australia Day awards where he was awarded Citizen of the Year 2017), and is in demand as a panellist at high profile events.

He’s proud to be a dad, a leader in his community, and a role model and champion of whistle-blowers everywhere.

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John has a unique ability to think outside the box using his substantial business and accounting background, providing unique solutions to lead change management and cultural change.

Through significant financial difficulties, John provided leadership and assistance with solutions and decisions that saw the school move from a large deficit to become a profitable organisation.

John is one of the most honest and strongest people that I know. His leadership through both financial and integrity issues during his previous roles is testimony to this. His resolve to ensure that issues were resolved and that people were held to account has won him the respect and admiration of his peers.

Michael Evans
Former Chairperson, Bishop Tyrrell Anglican College

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